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In-Situ Process Mapping using Thermal Quality Signatures™ during Additive Manufacturing with Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V

The current study was designed with three experimental purposes in mind:  1) establish a material specific process map using in-situ Thermal Quality Signatures™ and ex-situ physical property data; 2) draw a one-to-one correlation between in-situ dependent data quality metrics and ex-situ dependent data property metrics; and 3) set the stage for closing the loop by affording the opportunity to self-correct the process in real time.

Evaluation of Quality Signatures™ using In-Situ Process Control during Additive Manufacturing with Aluminum Alloy AlSi10Mg

This build was designed to establish a correlation between in-process dependent data mined from in-situ sensor raw traces signals, independent process input variables for example laser power, and post-process dependent data measured during destructive metallographic testing for porosity of as-built specimens.

AeroDef 2017 Presentation 3D Advanced Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defence

3D Advanced Manufacturing in Aerospace & Defense In-Process Computer Aided Inspection for a Digital Eco-system

Towards rapid qualification of powder-bed laser additively manufactured parts

Qualification of aerospace components is a long and costly process involving material properties, material specifications, manufacturing process, and design among others. Reducing qualification time and cost while maintaining safety offers a large economic advantage and enables faster response to the market demands.

Calorimetric Evaluation of Novel Concentrating Solar Receiver Geometries

This work presents an evaluation of several novel receiver shapes which have been denominated as fractal like geometries (FLGs)

RAPID 2015 Presentation Non-Destructive Evaluation Techniques for Additive Manufacturing

Non Destructive Evaluation Techniques for Additive Manufacturing - Joint Technology Development Between Honeywell Corporation and Sigma Labs